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Space Communications Job Searching

It’s overwhelming, trying to finding what’s out there. I’ve been asked before where I look to and how I find places to apply.

Find a list of relevant companies (updated periodically) on the original Medium post here.

General Tips for Job Searching:

  • Know your skillset. There’s a wide range of communications skills including writing, editing, and social media. Other skills could be relevant too depending like photography, podcasting, and videography.

  • Know common phrases. There is a wide array of communications roles. Varying the terms used in searching for potential jobs. Frequently I look for communications specialist, public relations specialist, digital content specialist, and strategic communications specialist. Some companies simply call communications roles technical specialist.

  • Read the full job description. Since there are so many kinds of roles, always read the job description and cross-reference your skillset list. If you feel like you can perform most of the duties (and you’re interested), apply!

  • Experience is as important as Education. Focus on the duties over the education requirements. If you have experience writing but don’t have a communications education, there is nothing wrong with that. Plenty of highly successful people enter science communications without traditional degrees. Start a blog, test social media ideas, gain the experience you want.

  • Submit that resume if you meet most of the qualifications (and you’re interested). Before hitting the job market for the first time, I read a Harvard Business Review article that most women don’t apply unless they are 100% qualified. Men, by contrast, generally apply if they meet 60% of the skillsets. My personal rule became if I met 80% of the skills required, I’d apply. I could always learn additional skills, like software, on the job.

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