Student Behind the Books

Highlighted here are my favorite school projects, ranging from papers to media assignments. 

For graduate projects, the executive summaries detail what the paper or presentation is about. For undergraduate projects, I merely summarize but still include links to the projects.

Academic Projects
Master's Thesis

My Master's of Arts thesis focused on the intersection of human spaceflight and marketing. I analyzed NASA press information from 1963 to 2011 and interviewed key participants to glean insight in which of Grunig & Hunt's Public Relation Models that was used in each decade. 

What I learned is NASA became mindful of their public relation efforts somewhere around the 1990s. The communication offices became more strategic in their efforts to reach the public instead of communicating with journalists alone.

Astronaut in Space
Graduate Projects
Fruits and Cosmetics


Advertising Capstone
(Spring 2021)

Increasing national brand awareness for a little known clean beauty brand

Hurricane Map

Where Houses Shouldn't Be

Environmental Anthropology (Fall 2020)

Examining who bore the costs of Hurricane Harvey in the Fleetwood community in Houston.

Autism Therapy

Wonders & Worries Creative

Persuasion Project (Spring 2020)

Our team developed an advertising strategy that uses Functional Theory of Attitudes to tackle both B2B and B2C advertising needs. 

Old Books

Keep Bookstores Weird

Original Advertising Research Project (Fall 2019)

In this increasingly digital world, people are turning to the internet  for their book needs. However, physical bookstores are still very active. Why?

Looking Through Telescope

Finishing Science Podcast

Consumer Behaviors
(Fall 2020)

Supporting those interested in Science Communication, this podcast is a short intro to marketing!

Camera Screen

GoPro Precision Marketing

Precision Marketing (Summer 2020)

Harvesting consumer data to create dedicated, customized campaigns is the way of the future.


Framing Fracking for Increased Awareness

Public Affairs Paper (Spring 2020)

Oft forgot is the importance of and ability to influence public opinion on a local, state, and national level. 

Undergraduate Projects
Science Museum Space Exploration

NASA Public Relations Project

Public Relations Project

This  project focused on teaching kids about NASA's current and ongoing projects, which in turn would help parents and caregivers learn about these objectives.

Researching and Writing

Various Written Assignments


Majoring in Communication and minoring in English guarantees you a college-lifetime of writing.


Writing About Science

Pilot English Class

Working with Dr. Andrew Pilsch, we developed an independent study that answers the question "How do we write about science?"