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📚 Storyteller 🚀 Science Communicator📸

Andrea C. Lloyd

📍 Where am I now?

I am a science communicator for the for the International Space Station based at the NASA  Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I can also be found on social media as @AdAstra_Andrea!


 🚀 Science Communicator

My passion is sharing science with the public. With science literacy and curiosity comes better understanding of the world we live in. Sharing the passion and stories behind scientific endeavors is challenging, but motivating.


Science communication can be tailoring a message to a particular audience. Beyond the message, there are so many vehicles to share a story. As a science communicator, I can help create the right message for the right audience for the right fit.

📚 Storyteller

Writing is everything for me. I love learning about new science or engineering concepts, then translating the technical jargon into an interesting article everyone can clearly understand. Whether a social media post or a video script, communicating science well to different audience is a skill I've worked hard to develop.

The story to the right was picked up by the Flagship NASA account during my internship at NASA Langley in Hampton, Virginia, in 2019.

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