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  • 3+ years experience in strategic communication in STEM and environmental organizations

  • 5+ years experience in public relations and social media management in multiple organizations

  • Looking for opportunities in Strategic Science Communication, Science Writing, and Public Relations

About Me

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Telecommunication Media Studies

As defined by the TAMU Communication Department, Telecommunication Media Studies is a specialized study of communication and information systems and generates skills for understanding media and their role historically, culturally, and currently. 

This means that I can:  

  • Create technical and strategic messages adjusted to a variety of audiences

  • Critique technical and strategic messages

  • Clear communication barriers oral and written

  • Influence public communication barriers

  • Approach difference and uncertainty from ethical principle and practice.

TCMS majors focus on “media industries, technologies, and communication systems” in varying contexts; their audience processes and effects; and social implications of the media. This degree encourages education for outspoken, informed citizens who advocate a productive and changing world. 

Strategic Communication Certificate

Within the TAMU Communication Department, Strategic Communication Certificates are offered only to communication and telecommunication majors. This certification focuses on crafting particular messages to reach desired audiences. 

This means that I can: 

  • Plan and execute communication strategically

  • Coordinate the integration of appropriate tactics

  • Enhance commerce and government through furthering political, religious, and social goals

Tasks that strategic communicators can perform include gathering and interpreting appropriate information, audience analysis, and powerful language crafting. Strategic communicators also use precise planning to avoids corporate frustration, offensive messages, and overspending.

Professional Writing Certificate

With the Professional Writing Certificate as awarded by the  TAMU English Department,  students receive intensive training in a broad range of writing, speaking, editing, and communication skills.


This means that I can: 

  • Analyze the context of any document and write that document to fit the demands of its specific context

  • Edit the documents to bring to a professional and publishable level

  • Write an appropriate response detailing results to bring a document to a professional and publishable level

While the minimum for this certificate is 18 hours, I have completed approximately 30 hours in developing professional written communication skills. These classes include learning skills like technical editing, HTML coding, blogging, videography, and audio work.

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