Highlighted here are my favorite school projects, ranging from papers to media assignments. 

For graduate projects, the executive summaries detail what the paper or presentation is about. For undergraduate projects, I merely summarize but still include links to the projects.

Academic Projects
NASA Public Relations Project
Fact Sheet.png

As a part of my capstone classes in undergrad, Professor Nancy Parish, Ph. D., suggested we find a public relations internship or company we were interested in for our focus. Naturally, I chose NASA's Journalism, Multimedia, and Social Media Internship program.

The project was to create a strategic plan and media kit solving a company's problem. I focused on teaching kids about NASA's current and ongoing projects, which in turn would help parents and caregivers learn about these objectives.

As a part of the class, we had to create some sample work for our campaigns, including a pitch, media release, fact sheet, brochure, radio PSA, and Op-Ed. All of these resources, including my presentation, can be viewed in a document if you click here.